Use Customer Testimonials To Check Out Webhosting Providers

So finally you've decided that you need to change your webhosting service provider. This is a tough decision to make. Perhaps you are already tired of the constant downtime of your websites, or simply because you can no longer cope up in the continuing increases of the service charges of the webhosting providers.

No matter what the reason, you need to keep in mind that the next webhosting provider should be good enough- enough to top the kind of services provided by your previous service provider. So how do you scout your next hosting providers? Simple, one way to make that happen is through the checking of reviews and testimonials.

Reviews and testimonials will say a lot about some services and products, including your webhosting providers. So where to look for customer reviews and testimonials?

Examples of playgrounds for you where you can check reviews are the Google Reviews and select industry forums. You can make use of the world's largest search engine in order to learn about the status of the services provided by your preferred and targeted webhosting provider. Just go to Google and type on the search bar the name of the webhosting provider that you are targeting. Say there is a Company- A specializing on top-notch webhosting service. So just type Company A on the search bar, and wait for the results.

Once the Search Engine Result Page has been displayed, check out the left side of the page. You will note entries like 'all results', 'videos', 'blogs', 'forums' and 'reviews'. So if you are keen on checking out all the reviews that are collated by Google with regards to your preferred company, then you need to click on reviews and all reviews will be shown to you. So what you can do now is read all relevant reviews and weigh which are the reviews to take note.

Using the same process, you can also checkout the many forums online. These forums are home to internet and website users and they talk anything about their websites, webhosts included. Check out what they have to say about a certain company. You can learn a lot just by checking these forums and by reading the answers, questions and replies on these forums.

Another way to scout your hosting providers is by looking for sites that offer comparisons. There are services and websites that will let you compare a number of webhosting providers using a set of metrics. Look for a site that can offer this service. This site can help you arrive at a decision.

Often the site will include a number of information like the company, its basic features, the advanced features and the individual reviews. And finally, did you know that in Twitter you will not only follow people but you can also follow the ups and downs of a webhosting provider?

Use this to your advantage when shopping for that next webhosting company. There is no reason why you can't pick the best one next time; use these tricks and you'll be safer.

By your GoodBuddy Richard La Compte
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