Is It Time To Share With Shared Webhosting?

If you are shopping for a webhosting host online, there is a big chance that you will come across the term shared webhosting. This is one of the options that will be made available to you, and considered as one of the favorites amongst the many options in terms of hosting. This is often recommended for website owners who would want to save on cost. Under the arrangement, a number of websites will share on one web server which is in turn connected to the internet.

Though there are a number of websites that share a common server, these websites are effectively 'partitioned' and are kept separate from one another. The reason for its cost-effectiveness is that you will share with the others the cost of maintaining the server. Contrast this with the dedicated server where the server is your playground, and the cost of maintaining it lies in your own hands. There are a number of features that are unique for the shared hosting service.

• All service providers will have a system administration that will manage the server.

• In this type of webhosting, the internet-based control panels are used like the cPanel, and the DirectAdmin. For larger firms that provide this kind of service, a more customized control panel may be developed.

• Usually, the hosting provider is the one that will manage the server- starting from the installation of required software until the provision of technical support the moment the service is down.

These are the things that make this form of hosting different from the rest offered in the market. But still for many, the cost remains high on their list as the main reason why this hosting clicks. Because of its small cost of maintenance, this form of hosting will be best for small businesses and players in the market.

There are varying figures that are floated by providers with regards to the cost of maintaining this kind of hosting service monthly. But based on a number of resources, the expected cost of maintaining the site with shared server will run between $3 and $5 per month. The cheaper cost of shared webhosting is the primary reason why users are signing for the service. But aside from this, there are also a number of reasons why this set-up clicks.

But it's not all good with this form of hosting. There are a number of drawbacks as well that are linked to this service. One of the major complaints raised against the service is the loss of control and flexibility on the provided server. The moment you choose this service say over the dedicated hosting, the overall performance of your website will be dependent on the activities of the other users.

Another fly in the ointment is traffic- traffic spikes on certain sites will also affect the performance of your website. Cost-wise, shared webhosting is the better choice. But if the intent is to get quality and dedicated service backed by capable technical support, then you may want to try and check out other forms of webhosting.

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