Deciding On Webhosting: Our Take On What To Check

Search the term 'webhosting providers' on Google and you will be provided with over 7 million results. Ask around online and in forums for suggestions on which webhosting provider is the best choice, and you will be given different answers by different person you asked!

It's a tiring way to shop for a webhosting provider online, right?

Not quite; it's a traditional thinking and you can actually do better than the rest. You can make firm selection easier if you just know how to search for these providers and you know what to look for. So we make things easier for you as we list the many strategies and points of contention that you can use when looking for a webhosting provider. Check what we have collated and experience a new stress-free way of looking for a provider.

• Be wary of reviews. Not all reviews about webhosting providers are true online. And this is especially true for the so-called side-by-side hosting reviews. Remember that it is a possibility that the reviews that you are reading were funded by hosting companies. Reviews are helpful, but be sure to check as many reviews as you can and look for many sources of these reviews. Sample as many reviews as you can when shopping for a provider.

• Take a look at the quality of customer service. The moment you have a short list of providers, make sure that you check your preferred providers against some factors. One of which is the quality of customer service. Look for the provider that can provide 24/7 support. Technical issues and glitches can happen any time of the day, and you want a provider that will be at your beck and call. It's best if the hosting provider has a phone hotline or they have a staff that answers e-mails.

• The more reliable, the better. Choose the hosting service provider that has a history of reliability in the market. Check out forums like CNET to find out the reliability of these providers. There are other websites that are worth checking as well like the Better Business Bureau. Select industry related forums can be checked as well when verifying the reliability of hosting providers.

• How much disk space is available? Narrowing down the list means taking into account the size of disk space that will be given to you by these providers. The size will depend on the needs of the site. For an e-commerce site, what you need is a hosting service with loads of features and a larger disk space. If you are running an e-commerce site the recommended size is at least 4GB. A size lower than that will affect your site's performance.

When all these things are considered, then that is the perfect time that you can talk about price. From among the leading candidates that were pre-selected based using the factors above, get the one that offer the better price at the better performance. Remember that price is just one factor; the rest were already given to you above.

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