Become Cost-Effective With Free Webhosting

If you are thinking of setting up a website, and don't have yet the money to finance expensive designs or a webhosting provider then what you can do is go for a free webhost. This is often the solution for many cash-strapped entrepreneurs and by those looking and hoping to save and cut costs.

This is hosting that comes for free but with a few catch. For example, if you sign up with a free webhosting provider then the service that you will get will often come with advertisements. Companies need to recoup some of their expenses and investments, right? In this kind of set-up, the user will be provided with the sub-domain or a directory. For example, you will be given

This is in contrast with the paid webhosting provider where you will be given a second level domain, like But more than these, there are certain features and characteristics that you may want to learn about free webhosting.

• Because the hosting comes for free, then you should expect that this will come with a number of advertisements. Sometimes these adverts will simply pop out from nowhere.

• For a free web hosting services, the amount of space available to your business will be limited

• Free web hosting also means that your bandwidth will be controlled and limited. When signing up with a free webhost provider, it's wise to ask the kind of content that can be accommodated by the provider. Some providers will be strict on the kind of videos that can be posted on the sites, and the number of videos that can be handled.

• As mentioned earlier, the free web hosting provider may also host your domain. If you really want to have your own domain, then you will be required to sign up for a domain hosting.

It doesn't mean though that just because it's free, then you can no longer ask for better service. You still can, and what you can do is to compare the leading providers of free web hosting services. You can also narrow down your choices by taking into account a number of factors. These are the same factors that you can use when selecting for paid web hosting services.

One factor that you can use in choosing is customer service. Even though it comes for free, these providers will also offer support. Choose the hosting provider that can offer you the most number of support services. At least go for the provider that can give you an e-mail support every time you have questions or there are downtimes. Also use forums as a way to find out which free webhosting providers are the best ones for your needs.

Another factor to use is the disk space- you can consider the provider that can give you more space and more leeway in terms of contents. Without doubt, paid services are still best but when your financing is not yet ready a free webhosting service may be fine for now.

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